Integrate with Social Studio

Why Connect to Social Studio

Use Social Studio by Salesforce to help streamline the social promotion of the content you plan and produce in Kapost.  

This article walks you through how to set up a connection and publish to Social Studio via the Kapost App Center.

How to Connect to Social Studio 

Before connecting Social Studio in Kapost, you will need to enable and register your API application by following the steps in this guide. Note that the Application Key and Application Secret obtained in this step will be used in the Kapost connection.

To add a new connection from the Kapost App Center in your instance, Kapost Admins can access the App Center in their Settings and click on the grey Install More Apps button below the list of connected apps. 


The Install More Apps button will take you to the Kapost App Center, where you can begin installing Social Studio.


When you click Install, you’ll be taken to your Kapost instance to complete the integration. Give your integration a name, add the Application Key and Application Secret, and click Connect to complete the OAuth flow. 

To specify which users or groups in your Kapost instance can promote content to Social Studio, Admins can use Publish Permissions in the app connections in the app center in Kapost. Click on Manage Publish Access for the integration you want to apply the Publish Permissions to and select the users or groups in the modal that appears.  

How to Configure and Use Social Studio 

Once connected, Social Studio can be added as a promotion destination to the content types you’d like users to be able to promote to Social Studio. 

Kapost admins can do this from the content type settings page. 3_SS.gif

After configuration is complete, content that’s ready to be promoted can be sent to Social Studio from the content details page. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Promotion section and select Send to Social Studio. The available Social Studio workspaces can be selected from the drop-down and a description can be added. 

After Send is selected, the content will display in the Shared Content tab in the Social Studio workspace that was selected in Kapost. From here, the shared content can be used in a social post within Social Studio.


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