Integrate with Acrolinx

Why Connect to Acrolinx 

Acrolinx is a platform that helps you produce on-brand content at enterprise scale. Acrolinx scores your content based on your organization’s editorial guidelines—keywords, phrases, style, tone—to ensure your content is written in your brand’s voice. The Acrolinx Dashboard presents data on content performance like page views and conversions.

Content creators can leverage Acrolinx within the body of content in Kapost to improve the quality of writing.  

This article walks you through how to set up a connection and use Acrolinx in Kapost.

How to Connect to Acrolinx 

To add a new connection from the Kapost App Center in your instance, Kapost Admins can access the App Center in their Settings and click on the grey Install More Apps button below the list of connected apps.


The Install More Apps button will take you to the Kapost App Center where you can begin installing Acrolinx.


When you click install, you’ll be taken to the App Center in your Kapost instance to complete the integration.

Give your integration a name and add the server URL, which is the root URL of the Acrolinx server.


Leave the Show Server Selector toggle to Yes which will allow users to connect to the Acrolinx server from within content in Kapost.  

If SSO is enabled for Acrolinx, an SSO secret must be provided in the connection. 

How to Use Acrolinx 

Once connected, Acrolinx can be accessed from within the text editor on HTML body types in Kapost.  

Within the text editor, select Tools and click Acrolinx. 

This will open the Acrolinx sidebar where users can perform a check on their content and see results, as well as specify target keywords.


The number in the upper right-hand corner contains the score for content. The full scorecard and other information can be accessed within Acrolinx by selecting the side panel options.





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