October 31, 2018 Product Updates

Your latest Kapost product release is here to highlight two beta features we’re looking for Kaposters like you to try out and tell us how they BOOOst your content operation. (Yes, that’s a Halloween joke. We promise to stop there.)  

Here is the beta duo: 

  • Sign up now for Prefill Custom Fields on content. If you want to tag content faster than ever with 100% accuracy, this one’s for you.
  • Don’t forget the Task Catalog. It’s a powerful way to stay on top of your content and initiative tasks so you never miss a deadline.

These beta features will ensure content is always tagged quickly and accurately—and help you stay on top of your tasks so you stay cool, calm, and collected.

Admins, you can opt-in now to join the beta for Prefill Custom Fields on content in Studio.

Admins, we know your Kapost data integrity matters, so you may want to try out Prefill Custom Fields on content. They enable you to configure the custom fields that specific teams will use on certain content types, so the Custom Fields section on content in Studio can be completed in moments.

For non-Admins, Prefill Custom Fields on content means that when you’re responsible for applying the correct tags on content, you’ll be able to complete that task almost instantly, and you’ll know you’re applying the right tags.

Would you like to use this new feature in beta? Let your CSM know!

The Task Catalog is in beta and the feedback from Kaposters has been tremendous.

The newest addition to your catalogs in Studio, Task Catalog is where you can quickly find your content and initiative tasks. 

Use it to make sure you’re on top on your to-do list, identify bottlenecks, and ensure no task is forgotten in the shuffle.  

If you’d like to try the Task Catalog in beta and share feedback, talk to your Kapost CSM or project lead.

Along with the beta features available to you, there are several more small product updates for you to know about:

  • In Gallery and in the Manage Content area to share a Collection or Collection Group, when you check the checkbox for “Prompt users to sign in upon navigating to this Collection or Collection Group anonymously,” a Kapost user with access to it who tries to access the Collection (or Collection Group) when they’re not logged in will be prompted to sign into Kapost by being taken to the Kapost sign in page. Once they sign in, they’ll be taken to the Collection or Collection Group.
  • You can now add multiple charts at one time within a Saved Board in Insights. Add the same chart multiple times, or multiple different charts.


  • And coming soon is a new Content Details filter: Filter by Followed Content. Check the checkbox next to this option to filter your catalog to show only the content that you’re following and are interested in receiving updates on.


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