Integrate with SAVO

Why Connect to SAVO

SAVO, part of Seismic, is a sales enablement solution that sales reps from nearly any industry can use to find content based on human- and machine-made recommendations to engage prospects.

Sales teams use SAVO to quickly access the content that’s relevant to their role, industry, and location. Users can mark their favorite content to find it easily whenever they need it. Team managers can push specific content to sales reps based on the deal stage, the buyer’s industry, competitive elements, or other factors.  

SAVO customers can take advantage of an integration with Kapost that allows content along with its metadata to be published to SAVO libraries, keeping sales and marketing in alignment when it comes to serving up the best content to prospects and customers.

How to Connect to SAVO

To connect to SAVO, go to your App Center in your settings and click on the Install More Apps button below your connected apps to go to the Kapost App Center.


Search for SAVO, select your instance, and click install.


To finish connecting to SAVO:

1. Add a name for the connection and a username and password for the SAVO account that you’ll use for the connection in Kapost.

Ideally, the account credentials provided should be for an Admin-level SAVO user, using a generic email address (not one tied to an individual, because if this person leaves the company then the account will be disconnected in Kapost). You’ll want to ensure the SAVO account you use has access to the libraries you wish to publish to.

2. Add an API key that’ll be used to authenticate your SAVO account in Kapost. Please contact your SAVO account rep for a valid API key if you don’t have access to one.

3. Click Connect, then select the library that the connection will publish assets to, as well as a library where assets should be moved to when they’re expired if you wish to provide expirations dates on content within Kapost. Click Save.

If users should be able to publish to more than one SAVO library, you’ll need to create a separate SAVO connection for each library.

4. Specify who can publish to SAVO from Kapost by clicking Manage Publish Permissions on the SAVO connection in your App Center.

Configure SAVO in Kapost

Next, you’ll make SAVO a primary destination on the content type(s) that users will publish to SAVO. Kapost supports any file, document, audio, video, and image files body types for this integration.


To map custom fields from Kapost to SAVO, create the custom field in Kapost on the Custom Field Settings page or update an existing field.

Ensure the Field Name in Kapost matches the name of the field in SAVO as well as the field type. Drop-down or multi-select values will also need to match values in SAVO. Note: If a field is marked as required for a library in SAVO, it must be required in Kapost and a value must be selected before publishing or else publishing to SAVO will fail.

To map tags from Kapost to SAVO, create a custom field with the Field Name: kapost_custom_tags.

This can either be a text, drop-down, or multi-select field. If you use a drop-down or multi-select field, you’ll need to add the tag values you want users to be able to select. 

Note: For values to appear as searchable ‘sponsored tags’ in SAVO, the custom field values in Kapost must match existing sponsored tag values in SAVO. If the values do not match, they will come over to SAVO as ‘personal tags’. 

To provide an expiration/move-to date on assets published to SAVO, create a date custom field with the Field Name: savo_expiration_date. If no date is provided on publish, the default expiration settings in SAVO will be respected.

To map a description to SAVO, create a text custom field (ensure it’s not an HTML field) with the Field Name: savo_built_in[Description].  

Once all custom fields have been configured, add them to the content types your organization will use to publish to SAVO from the Content Types Settings page.


Custom fields must be maintained in each system, Kapost and SAVO, by an Admin because changes to fields are not automatically synced.

Now that you’ve completed your SAVO configuration, you’re ready to publish to Savo. Republishes from Kapost will update the existing post in SAVO.

  • Analytics from SAVO will not be displayed in Kapost.
  • If Gatekeeping is enabled in a SAVO library, the published file will go to the creator’s private library until it is approved by the Gatekeeper to go to the intended library.


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