December 12, 2018 Product Updates

The year’s final product release is here to carry your marketing momentum into 2019, so we’re wrapping up the year with platform enhancements that will give you more ways to orchestrate the content in your content operation.

Here are your end-of-year updates:


SAVO, part of Seismic, is the newest Kapost integration.

We built a SAVO integration as part of our ongoing partnership with Seismic to provide stronger sales enablement in Kapost.

Really, it comes back to content: Your peers on the sales team rely on the marketing content you create to close deals, and a SAVO connection can help them find the right content at the right time.  

Now, SAVO customers can publish content and its metadata from Kapost to SAVO libraries, keeping marketing and sales aligned on the best content to guide contacts along the buyer’s journey.

Seeing more Collections in your Gallery and feeling overwhelmed?  

Don’t be! More Collections can help to categorically and strategically organize your content inventory—and if you do have many Collections, you and your sales team now have a faster way to find the Gallery Collection you’re looking for with the new search functionality in the Collections tab

Search here to pinpoint the Collection you're searching for and get the content you need when you need it.


You asked, we listened: Take advantage of two new bulk actions from the Initiative Content tab, “Add to Gallery” and “Remove from Gallery.”

We’ve been there, too: You’ve executed an Initiative and now you want to add all its completed content to your Gallery in one fell swoop.  

Now you can with the new “Add to Gallery” bulk action directly from the Initiative! 

“Remove from Gallery” does this action in reverse. Use this when you need to refresh and repurpose Gallery content—then use “Add to Gallery” when the content’s ready to be used across your company.


Filters help you find content. Now, filter by the content you follow to see only the content you care about.  

Find a new filter in the Content Catalog: “Filter by Followed Content.” Check the checkbox next to this option to filter your catalog to show you just the content that you’re interested in receiving updates on.

This filter just might be the easiest way to sift through all the content in Studio to find what’s most important to you.

Pro tip: Use this filter as the basis for a new Saved View in the Content Catalog to have a view to go back to when you need to look at just the content in flight you have a stake in.


Speaking of findability, quickly find the URL for published content in the Content Catalog and Calendar preview panes.

If you’re cranking out content in Studio and someone asks you for a link to an awesome completed asset, you don’t have to miss a beat. Stay in Studio and find the URL in the Content Catalog or in the Calendar in the preview pane.


(Want to read that blog? Please do!)

We love this platform enhancement since it means you don’t need to do an intensive search in Kapost (or elsewhere) to find a link to your published content, and your preview panes in the Content Catalog and the Calendar offer up even better details on content.   

We’re testing machine learning in Kapost with Suggested Tags. 

We’re currently testing our data science team’s first feature, Suggested Tags on content! The goal is to make tagging faster, easier, and more accurate. We approach the project by learning an instance’s taxonomy, and how that taxonomy has been applied on content in the past, to suggest tags on new content.


If you’re interested in applying machine learning to your Kapost instance, let your CSM know and we’ll share information with you on the upcoming limited release beta.


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