Suggested Tags

What Is This Feature?

Suggested Tags uses machine learning to recommend custom field values, or tags, for your content. This feature learns from your content inventory in the Kapost platform to recommend tags on new and existing (in-progress) content in Studio.

How It Helps

Complete, accurate custom fields applied on your content has a Kapost-wide impact: your tags ensure your content is findable and your data is reliable. Suggested Tags make it faster and easier to apply the right tags on the right content.  

The feature also contributes towards excellent system hygiene and produces more meaningful data throughout Kapost (such as for reporting in the Insights app).

Best Practices

  • When this feature begins to recommend tags on content, it’ll speed up the tagging process for everyone—especially for new users who aren’t as familiar with your tagging system. Encourage new team members to look at the suggested tag on a content asset, and use the activity feed to @-mention colleagues if they need to confirm the correct tags.
  • If you know that not all of your completed content in Kapost has its custom fields section filled out entirely, there’s no better time to tag your content and clean up the data in your system: Suggested Tags helps make this process faster by supplying tag recommendations so you can choose the correct tags quickly.

How It Works

Admins can turn Suggested Tags on or off in their Kapost instance. Before you do, two criteria must be met:

  • Before you turn on Suggested Tags, your instance should contain at least 200 fully tagged pieces of published content in Studio. That way, the feature has content to learn from and understand how to suggest the most accurate tags on content moving forward.
  • Once your turn this feature on it will need 24 hours to train itself on your content tags to begin providing suggestions. After the 24 hours has passed, you’ll start seeing tag suggestions. 

Admins, when you’re ready to turn on Suggested Tags in your Kapost instance, go to your content settings. In the Features are, you’ll find the option to Enable suggested tags at the end of the features list. Click on this checkbox to turn Suggested Tags on, and if your instance meets the above two criteria you’ll see tag suggestions on Studio content in 24 hours.



When Suggested Tags is activated and turned on, you’ll see the tag icon on the custom field values that have a tag recommendation.


The feature continuously learns from your team based on how you’re tagging content in Studio. When it’s reasonably confident in its predictions, Suggested Tags will provide one tag suggestion at the top of your drop-down list of tags for the content asset you’re working on for single- and multi-select custom fields lists.


  • Suggested Tags does not automatically tag content for you. 
  • If the tag suggestion isn’t what you’re looking for, your other custom field values for the content asset you're creating are available to select from the menu. 
  • ISuggesteTags hasn’t been turned on in settings by an Admin of your instance, users won’t see the feature in the platform.

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