January 23, 2019 Product Updates

New year, new tools for you and all the people in your content operation (present and future).

We’re hitting the ground running in 2019, and to help you do the same for your content operation we’ll be rolling out some new options for you and your teams in Kapost, including an improved feature that we’ve gotten a lot of input from many Kaposters about.  

  • New and improved Document Annotations are on the way. Highlighting, strikethroughs, and clear commenting are on deck to make revisions and approvals easy.
  • Admins, Custom Field Prefills might be a good setting for your system. Prefills could be for you if you’re looking for a way to help your teams tag content completely and accurately.
  • Kapost is getting smarter with a new machine learning feature: Suggested Tags. As the name implies, this feature recommends custom fields on content in Studio to make tagging easy.


You asked, now it’s time: the next generation of document annotations are coming soon.

We know it’s a team effort when you’re reviewing documents in Kapost, and it’s a much smoother process when feedback is clear and documented.  

Based on Kaposters’ feedback, we’re developing improvements for document annotations to provide more editorial clarity when you’re revising certain content types in Kapost. These enhancements will give your teams a better way to collaborate on document revisions with more sophisticated annotation tools.

Highlighting, for when you need to draw attention to a word or section of text to revise:

Screen_Shot_2019-01-22_at_6.00.39_PM.pngStrikethrough, for when you need to indicate text that should be removed from the content:

Screen_Shot_2019-01-22_at_6.01.15_PM.pngText additions, for when you need to add a missing comma, period, or another small something that’s missing:

Screen_Shot_2019-01-22_at_6.02.14_PM.pngAn edit mode, for when you need to edit text in a comment and highlight your changes:

Screen_Shot_2019-01-22_at_6.02.47_PM.pngIf you’d like to be among the first Kaposters to get improved document annotations and give us feedback, let your CSM know today!

Admins: Custom Field Prefills are now available and might be right for your system. 

Custom Field Prefills on content give you a way to tag content faster and more accurately in Studio.

This feature can help take the guesswork out of applying the right tags on content, ensuring clean, consistent data in your instance. Use Prefills to fill in custom fields with default values when new content is created or later to fill a number of custom fields on content with default values in a single click anytime. Admins, you can even set up multiple Prefills on a content type for different teams and scenarios.

Prefills are configured per content type and, in some cases, per team. To consider how they can best be applied across your organization and configuration, speak with your CSM.

We’re introducing Suggested Tags—and machine learning—in Kapost.

As a Kaposter, you know that accurate, completed custom fields mean your content is findable and your data is clean. Suggested Tags can help make sure your taxonomy is rock solid by making tagging easier for the people who are responsible for tagging content in the Studio app.

Suggested Tags uses machine learning to learn about your Kapost instance’s applied taxonomy on your existing content in Studio to recommend the right custom field tags for your entire content inventory, including your in-flight and future content.

When the feature can confidently suggest custom fields, it’ll provide a suggestion at the top of the drop-down menus for single and multi-select custom fields. This will give you and your teams fast access to the most likely tag value for the custom field.


Ask your customer success manager if your system is ready for Suggested Tags (or the steps to take to get there!).


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