March 6, 2019 Product Updates

Managing your full content lifecycle requires smooth handoffs between teams and software tools. We created a dedicated integrations team last year to make this a seamless process with a host of new integrations for you to take advantage of.

Enter Premium Integrations, codeless connectors so you don’t have to write custom code for integrations that evolve as rapidly as your stack does.

Kapost’s Integrations Team offers a new Premium Integrations category for marketing performance, project management, and web CMS tools.

These integrations include a wide selection of common marketing performance and project management tools, as well as support for more complex web CMS functionality. They can be scoped and quickly stood up, so your organization can manage the whole content lifecycle seamlessly across your tools and channels.


We’re here to help when you’re choosing which integrations can best support your teams in executing their jobs to be done, now and as your business evolves. Our full integrations offerings fall into three categories: Out-of-the-box, Premium, and Custom.

  • OOTB: Integrations that Kapost provides for free that you can set up any time.
  • Premium: Integrations that we provide at an annual fee.
  • Custom: Integrations that we custom-build for your specific needs (price varies).

Talk to your Kapost Customer Success Manager to learn more about how we can assist as you review your current tech stack, prioritize integrations based on your roadmap, and determine how software can best support you and your teams.


Katie’s Kapost Pro Tip

We’ll share a Kapost Pro Tip—a handy platform how-to that you might not know about yet—in each product release summary article. This one is from Katie Osland, one of Kapost’s Product Owners and a former Kapost Customer Success Manager.


Admins, you have a settings option to choose if a preview of published or completed content appears in calendar preview panes when you share a calendar view externally via a public link.

This comes in handy when you’re sharing your editorial calendar with an executive who needs that level of visibility. It’s also a great way to share event information (including location!) with non-Kapost users—just make sure you mark the event as complete first.

To control this, navigate to the Sharing area of your settings. The Calendar Privacy section has the options you’ll select or unselect.


If you want your calendar preview panes to display the body of content or event location on completed and/or published content, check these boxes.


Once you’ve checked those boxes, when you share a calendar view externally via a public link, whoever views the calendar will be able to see the body of completed and/or published content in preview panes.


If these options aren’t selected, the content body won’t appear in preview panes for non-Kapost users.

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