Video Tutorial: How To Use Canvas Timeline Charts

Kapost’s Canvas app helps you plan your initiatives and content by providing visibility into your company's marketing activities. Canvas timeline charts centralize teams into a single view that surfaces all the important dates to track towards so you're aware of dependencies and deadlines. This video tutorial will cover how you can use timeline charts to plan with full visibility, anticipate resource requirements, and keep stakeholders up-to-date as your initiatives are completed.


These topics are discussed in this video tutorial: 

[0:01] Intro to Canvas and Timeline Charts
[0:53] First Things First: Initiatives 
[1:29] Creating a Timeline Chart
[4:11] Surfacing Content Dates in Timelines 
[6:32] Ensure Stakeholder and Leadership Visibility
[7:02] Timeline Pro Tips 
[8:08] Leverage Canvas Timelines for Powerful Planning

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