Task Rules

What Is This Feature? 

Task rules prompt user actions on content (including localized content) and initiative workflows in Studio. When Task rules are set up, they help manage workflows as campaigns and content as created by prompting users to do things like set the content or initiative stage to in-progress at the right time, or adding content to Gallery when it’s ready to be leveraged by other teams, like sales. 


How It Helps 

Set up Task rules to enable powerful workflow governance that helps to keep your teams on top of their tasks. When you add Task rules to your workflows, you’re making it easier for your teams to execute content on time and without anything slipping through the cracks. 

In addition, Task rules ensure more accurate reporting when you’re measuring things like average time to complete content and your inventory’s total number of completed assets, thanks to the rules reminding users when to change content stage.  


Best Practices 

  • Initiative-level task Rules are a powerful way to manage your initiative’s stage, from planned to in-progress to complete, to ensure that this data is reflected accurately in Kapost. 
  • Task rules in content workflows ensure that tasks are tied to corresponding actions the keep content production on schedule and orchestrated, from start to finish. Don’t be afraid to try out different combinations of Task rules to figure out what works best for your workflow management! For example, for a “publish content” workflow task, you could set up two Task rules to have that task be marked as complete when the content is published and added to Gallery: 


How It Works 

Task rules are the next generation of Smart Tasks. Any Smart Tasks you have in place on content and initiative workflows will become Task rules—you don’t have to recreate them. Task rules won’t impact any Smart Deadlines you’ve set up in settings.  


Setting Up Task Rules for Content Workflows 

Admins can add or edit Task rules for content workflows in their Content Type settings. Go to the workflow tab on the content type you’re updating.  


Click on the pencil icon to edit the workflow task you want to create a rule for. When you're editing a workflow task, you’ll see the option to add a Task rule. 

  • You can add up to three Task rules per workflow task 
  • You can’t duplicate a Task Rule on a workflow task 


First, you’ll set up each Task rule by selecting a prompt for the first part of the rule: 

  • Mark this Task as complete when... 


  • When this Task is completed... 

Then, your selection for the first part of the rule will set up your selection for the second part of the rule.  


If your rule is based on Mark this Task as complete when... you'll see options like these to select for the rule’s second part: 

  •’s been assigned 
  • ...the Content is added to Gallery 
  • ...the Content is published 

and more! 


If your rule is based on When this Task is completed... you'll see options like these to select for the rule’s second part: 

  • ...prompt to mark the stage as in-progress 
  • ...prompt to mark the stage as complete  
  • ...prompt to add to Gallery 


When you’re setting up more than one Task rule for a workflow task, you’ll only be able to select options that keep the rules logic intact. Kapost won’t allow you to set up conflicting logic. In other words, you can only create rules that make sense from a functionality perspective.  


Click the green Update button to save your changes.  

Kapost will ask you if you want your changes to apply just to new content created (recommended), or if you want your changes to impact all existing content in your instance.  


On content workflows in Studio, content creators will know if a workflow task has the Task rule type, “Mark this Task as complete when...” associated with it if the task’s checkbox is grey, rather than white. 

  • A white checkbox means that it’s a task that a user can simply click on to mark that task as complete. A grey checkbox means that the task can only be marked as complete when the Task rule actions are completed. 


Users will see Task rules associated with a task if they click on the pencil icon on the task to see its details.  

  • Any Admins, Editors, or Contributors who’re collaborating on the content will have the ability to add or edit Task rules on workflow tasks.


Setting Up Task Rules for Initiative Workflows 

Admins can add or edit Task rules for initiative workflows in their Initiative Type settings.  


Click on the pencil icon to edit the workflow task you want to create a rule for. When you're editing a workflow task, you’ll see the option to add a Task rule. 

  • You can create one type of Task Rule for initiative workflows to manage when a user should update the initiative’s stage, like from planned to in-progress.  
  • You can add one Task rule per workflow task on initiative workflows.  



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