Link Content Deadlines to Initiative Tasks - Rachel Egan - 2/3/16

It would be great if there was a way to link content deadlines to initiative tasks. It could be a special type of Smart Deadline that shows up when a piece of content is included in an initiative. 

Basically, I want it to be easier to figure out when I need to schedule my blog post content based on the overall initiative deadlines. It's currently a very manual process as I need to set the deadline for my Initiative tasks (smart deadlines then auto-assign the rest) and THEN I have to go in and set the deadline for the individual content types (smart deadlines then auto-assign the rest there as well). If I have 11 pieces of content associated with my Initiative, this can take quite a while. 

It would also be really nice to be able to schedule each item right from the initiative screen instead of navigating away from it, or having to open each piece of content in a new screen. 

The way I see it is that you could click the little edit circle on the right of the content type and a smart-deadline task would come up. You would then have a drop-down selection from the content type with ONLY the tasks that don't have smart deadlines associated with them (theoretically there would only be one or two for each content type) then you would have the smart deadline choices similar to what you have on each individual type (XX days before/after _____). The second drop-down task would be a task from the Initiative it's associated with. 

Happy to clarify if there's any confusion about the information here.


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